Reflexology tips to surviving the cold and flu season!

Here are some Reflexology tips to help boost your immune system or help you get over your cold or flu quicker!

Hand reflexology is just as effective as foot reflexology but the results may take longer than foot reflexology as the reflexes are much deeper in the hands. However, the hands are easily accessible and can be worked on anytime which means you can help heal yourself!

The reflexes are the same for both hands and feet but if you are self treating, it is easier to work on your hands. Here are some useful hand reflexology techniques:

1. Congestion of the head or headaches

Gently massage and knead the tips of the fingers and thumbs for 30-60 seconds on both hands.This can relieve headaches.

2. Stuffy or blocked nose

Massage the sides of each finger, all the way from the base to the tips.The fingers are the reflex for the sinuses so treating this area can help with a stuffy nose!

3. Coughs

The ball of the hand, below the 3 middle fingers is the reflex for the lungs

Massage from the base of the fingers down over the knuckles and the ball of the hand for 30-60 seconds on both hands.

4. Overall boost!

By massaging your solar plexus and diaphragm it can help you feel more energised and improve your overall wellbeing. Cup your hand, hold and press the middle of the palm of your hand for 10 seconds with your other thumb and then massage using circular motion. Do the same for the other hand. This is a great reflex point to relieve stress.

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