Reflexology & Stress

Modern lifestyle has made living easier in some ways but it has also increased tension, stress and anxiety. Everyone has times when they feel a little stressed or anxious – it can help increase productivity as well as helping us stay alert and focused however our bodies are not always able to cope with prolonged levels of stress and this can have a detrimental affect on our bodies.

Unfortunately today, stress is linked to 75% of all illnesses. People often experience aches and pains, muscle tension, digestive problems, depression, insomnia amongst other ailments due to stress. Reflexology can help combat these harmful effects. By focusing on the endocrine system (to balance hormones), head area (relieve headaches, migraines) stomach area (restore digestive system), spinal area (calms the nervous system) - reflexology can help with fatigue, lessen stress and promote relaxation which in turn helps the body heal and regenerate itself


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